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Sun Oct 14 00:34:40 MDT 2012

By *Simon Hardy*, Anticapitalist Initiative (Britain)

October 9, 2012 –  Submitted to /Links International Journal of 
Socialist Renewal/ -- The urgent need for unity on the radical left is 
something that has been eloquently put forward by Dan Hind on the 
/Al-Jazeera/ website. Asking a very pertinent question as to whether 
there can be a SYRIZA-type organisation in Britain, Hind draws out some 
of the most important lessons of the Greek struggle and poses a 
challenge to the British left -- can we break out of the ghetto as well?[1]

To plot a possible trajectory we have to be clear of the political 
alignment that has emerged for the left under the Conservative 
Party-Liberal Democrat coalition government. While Ed Miliband’s Labour 
Party might be surging ahead in the polls, the possibility of a Labour 
left revival is simply not on the cards. The Labour Party is hollowed 
out and bureaucratically controlled and all the best intentions and 
actions of Labour left activists will not change that. The Labour left 
is reduced to the old argument that there is nothing credible outside 
the Labour Party. They mockingly point to all the twisted contortions of 
the far left in Britain in the last decade (Socialist Alliance, Scottish 
Socialist Party, Respect, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, Left 
list, Respect renewal, etc.) to forge a new unity and conclude that the 
Labour Party is the only show in town.

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/3054

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