[Marxism] Boston Occupier-On Occupy: Aimless Nostalgia and the Need for a Damn Plan

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 17:06:17 MDT 2012

Hi Manuel

I was thinking along these lines this morning.  The crisis deepens and
repression strengthens everywhere.  Yet the working class still seems
stubbornly mired in a depoliticised depression unable to enter

Nonetheles what is needed is patience. In his testament Trotsky spoke
about how three revolutions had taught him patience.
Historical/political time is only very crudely and haphazardly mapped
on to life span time. We want it to happen in our life span time, but
that may not be.

The break will come.  Never doubt that.  In the mean time reading
about Jefferson and debating Syria are not distractions at all IMHO.
They keep our spirits up and our powder dry!



On 10/18/12, Manuel Barrera <mtomas3 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> http://bostonoccupier.com/2012/10/17/s17/
> "Imagine how effective we could’ve been if the “aimless
> group” were as organized as the group that actually planned the action.
> There
> is no reason we can’t be at that level of organization. Our movement has
> made
> powerful enemies, and if the people are ever going to truly take control of
> their own affairs and throw off the yoke of “The One Percent” (to use
> Occupy
> phraseology), we are going to need to be able to operate with intention and
> with efficacy. While it may have been radical and powerful last fall to
> simply
> stand up and declare who we were (“The 99%!”), we are past that moment, and
> now
> we need organization. We need tactics. Above all, we need a damn plan."
> While the lot of us are reading and, all too often writing ad nauseum about
> our "thoughts"  on historical events, who's right or wrong on Syria, and the
> multitude of art in politics, there are real activists with real concerns
> struggling to find real solutions that take them beyond initial stages of a
> struggle.
> What say us about that? Or, do we really believe that whether Thomas
> Jefferson's racism is more relevant?
> Just sayin'
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