[Marxism] The dilemma of the mainstream

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 17 17:19:26 MDT 2012

On a very general level, the continuation of Capital accumulation means 
that more money will be taken out of the pockets of the working class : 
1) they will work longer hours 2) their global share of the wealth 
produced will fall 3) their jobs will become "casualized" 4) "austerity" 
means there are drastic cuts in "social spending" (social security, 
health, medecine, eduction, etc.) 5) increased VAT (an important source 
of revenue for tax-raising averse govts.) means their purchasing power 
will also fall.
Not one single Western government proposes to reverse any of these 
trends. Quite simply because they are necessary in order for Capitalism 
to survive. Which is the official aim of all Western governments : to 
help employers employ employees.
Stimulus packages are only meant to enable the process to continue. The 
money is channelled in such a way as to guarantee that financial 
insitutions and equity firms get all the surplus value. The problem is 
that those same players are choking on all the money each stimulus 
package provides.
Profitability is still too low, the standard of living of the working 
class is still too high, investment still too costly, in a nutshell, the 
extraction of surplus-value is still not enough for expanded accumulation.

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