[Marxism] Support the Write-in SEP Campaign for Jerry White and Phyllis Scerrer

jeremy at infowells.com jeremy at infowells.com
Fri Oct 19 12:21:03 MDT 2012

     For more than three years I have been registered to the California Peace and Freedom Party. 
But I most emphatically do not support the PFP Candidates of Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan. 
    To see the latest example of what I mean, please go to the PFP website
http://peaceandfreedom.org/home/   and scroll down to the brief video: 
"You Are Not What They Say You Are"

    The SEP candidates and WSWS are the ONLY socialist candidates on this November 
election.  The Write-in votes for White and Scherrer will be officially counted as the SEP
has registered the candidates names with the Secretary of State. 

    The following is the text the Write-In Ballot Voting Procedure, which is formatted
on my web-site:  www.infowells.com 


End the barbarism of Capitalism!

Fight back for a Socialist Economy!

U.S. Presidential Election Campaign 2012

SEP Election Statements, Candidates, Issues, links here:

Write-In Ballot Voting Procedure
Write in BOTH the office title, candidate name. 

Office President 

Name Jerry White 

Office Vice President 

Name Phyllis Scherrer 


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