[Marxism] Support the Write-in SEP Campaign for Jerry White and Phyllis Scerrer

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 22:01:11 MDT 2012

I wouldn't vote for the SEP, this outfit was formerly known as the
Workers League, in the political tradition of Gerry Healy.  Recently
they have adopted a red unionist like line that says that unions, not
just their bureaucracy, are institutions of capitalist rule and should
not be supported by working people.  Thus during the auto strike a
couple years ago they laid down their main fire on the UAW, not GM,
Ford and Chrysler.  They are a dogmatic, sectarian diversion.  Vote
for Jill Stein or the P&F, not these characters.

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>>From: jeremy at infowells.com
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>>??? The SEP candidates and WSWS are the ONLY socialist candidates on this
>>election.? The Write-in votes for White and Scherrer will be officially
> counted
>>as the SEP

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