[Marxism] "Socialist" Production in Venuzela

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Sun Oct 21 15:13:40 MDT 2012

British socialist *Sam McGill* visited Venezuela during the election

This is article is the same kind of dewy-eyed bullshit that social democrats have been producing since Huck was a pup. There is nothing whatsoever in this article that indicates anything going on in Venezuela having to do with socialism: the transfer of power to the working class.

I find it really funny that McGill managed to interview three managers but no workers. Did the workers, by any chance, elect those managers? 

"As Royer Gonzalez, one of the managers of the plant, explained: “We are working to change the consciousness of the workers, we were a private company that was expropriated but now we're working for the state in order to develop socialism.
“The old way of organising, through traditional trade unions who are struggling against private bosses to improve our living condition, no longer fits our model.
“Of course we participate in the direction of the plant and to ensure our standard of living, but now our boss is Chavez, the state, the whole of our society, we are now working within the process of socialism.”
McGill has a wonderful future, should he want one, as a standup comic.
David Berger

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