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> http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/52575
>This is article is the same kind of dewy-eyed bullshit that social democrats
> have been producing since Huck was a pup. There is nothing whatsoever in this
> article that indicates anything going on in Venezuela having to do with
> socialism: the transfer of power to the working class.
> I find it really funny that McGill managed to interview three managers but no
> workers. Did the workers, by any chance, elect those managers?

>From my reading one of them at least sounded like an activist elected as a
manager, but the article didn't make this clear. In any case rather than
spouting rhetoric maybe you should study the issue and make some informed
comment. You'd know then that the Plan Socialist Guyana does include the not
only the election of managers but also a strong role of workers assemblies
in enterprise management and national planning. Maybe you should start by
actually reading this article which makes the latter points clear. Of course
there's debate, criticisms, different forces and viewpoints, contradictions,
steps forward and back. But we need to understand this and when appropriate
criticise it from an informed rather than an ignorant, sloganeering

You could start with a detailed treatment at:


> ...With the norms and rules agreed for the functioning of workers councils and
> other bodies, the timetable for the implementation of worker control in
> Ferrominera was, first, for the diffusion of norms in the first months of
> 2012, followed by an internal electoral process for workers councils and
> implementation of the worker council model by June 2012. Adarfio argued that
> the workers councils "will allow internal democracy in the company, the
> democratisation of decision-making, by making decisions in councils and
> [worker] assemblies, all of the decisions: over production, consumption and
> distribution inside the industry". He said workers councils will be formed by
> spokespeople elected in worker assemblies, which will become the
> decision-making bodies in the company. To avoid professionalisation of
> spokespeople, positions will be rotational and held for one year, and can be
> recalled by the workers assembly during that time.[xxiv] As of June 2012, the
> spokespeople¹s elections have taken place in Sidor, CVG Venelum (aluminium)
> and Cavelum (aluminium), with the norms and rules still being established in
> advance of elections in the other CVG companies...
> ...An argument made by some leftist currents is that worker control as
> within the PGS is flawed as it is formed in conjunction with the state, given
> that the influence of the government and state-appointed managers in the
> industries can lead to a bureaucratisation of moves toward full worker
> control. When the PGS was launched, Orlando Chirino, a leader of the National
> Union of Workers (UNETE) union federation, urged workers to fight to make sure
> nationalised companies don¹t continue on as capitalist companies in the hands
> of the state, and that "worker control is not limited to the workers
> participating in the election of managers".

Etc etc. 

And by the way, if you still believe the Chavez government needs to be
overthrown, what's your alternative economic strategy? I've never seen
anything resembling such a thing from leftist super-critics.

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