[Marxism] Russia’s Rising Red Dawn

Jeffrey Hochderffer jdeanhoch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:46:40 MDT 2012

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 appeared to have sounded the death
knell for the ideas of Marx and Lenin in Russia, but just over two decades
on, a new wave of young and increasingly visible socialist activists are
eager to hoist the red flag over the Kremlin once more.

“I became interested in socialism when I was in my late teens,” said Isabel
Magkoeva, 21, a rising star of Russia’s left and an activist with the
Revolutionary Socialist Movement.

“I was always concerned by economic inequality and started to ask questions
about why this should be. Then I got interested in left-wing literature,”
added Magkoeva, a former teenage model who bears a striking resemblance to
high-profile Chilean student protest leader Camila Vallejo. “That was when
I realized I wanted to get involved.”

But although Magkoeva praises Lenin as a “great revolutionary,” she has few
illusions about the Soviet Union, which ceased to exist the same year she
was born.

“There was no genuine socialism in the Soviet Union,” she said. “And it is
inaccurate to portray us all as seeking a return to the past. That simply
isn’t true. We are for a new modernized form of socialism.”




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