[Marxism] Joaquin Phoenix appearance on the David Letterman show

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 23 15:51:31 MDT 2012

 From Christopher Glazek’s “Phoenixes: Hollywood’s Children” in the 
Summer 2012 edition of N+1:

“I‘ll never forgive Joaquin Phoenix for overshadowing Two Lovers,” 
complained Richard Brody, the New Yorker’s film editor. He wasn’t the 
only one offended by Phoenix’s hijinks. In February 2009, shortly after 
the release of Two Lovers, Phoenix appeared on David Letterman’s show to 
promote the movie. By that time, however, he had transformed into 
something different from the hunky specimen of the Two Lovers trailer. 
As he slid into a chair opposite Letterman, bearded and glutted, chewing 
gum and wearing sunglasses, he looked less like Johnny Cash than a cross 
between Borat and Slavoj Zizek.


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