[Marxism] Hatchet job on European left and anti-Semitism

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 29 12:56:22 MDT 2012

Again, all this talk of France being an "Antisemitic" nation is false.

But no matter how many times real facts and figures get quoted, the same 
"France is an antisemtic nation" nonsense keeps re-emerging. Again, and 
again, and again.

I posted last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, 
on the same issue.

French media have been intently monitoring antisemtism in France for 
over fourty years, and the universal consensus is that "JEWISHNESS IS 

Actually, French people display LESS antisemtic attitudes than American, 
British, German or Spanish citizens. In the most recent polls, less than 
23% of French people "would be bothered if their daughter married a 
JEwish man" compared to 37% of Americans. Only 28% of French people feel 
that "there is a disproportionate number of JEws in the media, 
entertainment, banking and legal industries" against 41% of Americans.

But France still gets branded as "antisemitic" by Zionist propagandists, 
and not the US. The fact that many French politicians, popular 
entertainers, leading intellectuals, are Jewish and that this is not an 
issue in France is disregarded. Only the occasional violent antisemitic 
terrorist act is reported (and I'm sure similar acts occur in the US) : 
the horrifying shooting in Toulouse, the plaster-grenade attack in 
Strasbourg,... Actually, I'd like to know how many antisemitic terrorist 
attacks are reported each year in the US (Neo-Nazi and Islamist combined).

Jews are not being persecuted in France, neither Ashkenazi or Sepharadis 
(more recent immigrants from former French colonies in Algeria, Morocco 
and Tunisia, and who are very vociferous in their pro-Zionist advocacy).

The reason why France is singled out for criticism appears to be 
France's official mildly (very mildly) "critical" stance towards the 
state of Israel. Palestinians and ISraelis are depicted as "two parties 
to a conflict", and France is reluctant to pick sides. Considering how 
Isreal is very clearly the agressor, this French stance is indeed mild, 
but it still does not please Zionists as much as the official US stance.

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