[Marxism] One week left to register for the Ninth Annual Historical Materialism Conference 'Weighs Like a Nightmare' (SOAS, 8-11 November)

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Tue Oct 30 08:39:39 MDT 2012

One week left to register for the Ninth Annual Historical Materialism  
Conference 'Weighs Like a Nightmare' (SOAS, 8-11 November). To secure  
advance registration discounts, register now at http://www.historicalmaterialism.org/conferences/annual9/register

Plenaries include:

Historical Materialism Plenary: 'Gender, Work and Reproduction in  
Crisis' with Silvia Federici, Kathi Weeks and David McNally

Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Prize Lecture: 'Seasons of Self-Delusion:  
Opium, Capitalism, and the Financial Market' by Jairus Banaji

Socialist Register Launch: 'The Question of Strategy' with Leo  
Panitch, Sam Gindin, Alex Callinicos, Susan Spronk, and Greg Albo

Sessions include:

2012 Venezuelan Elections and the Future of the Bolivarian Process;  
Absolute Hegel: Time, Money and Reification; Aesthetics and Art  
History; Aesthetics, Crisis, Utopia; After 1917; Anti-Racism, Anti- 
Colonialism and the International; Anti-Capitalist Movements; Anti- 
Colonial and Post-Colonial Struggles;Assessing the Egyptian  
Revolution; Badiou, Marxism and the Critique of Political Economy; The  
Body, the Psyche and the Social; Capitalist Origins and Transitions;  
The City in Times of Crisis; Class, Work and Crisis; Commodity  
derivatives, commodification and economic restructuring in the 21st  
Century;Communication, Contradiction and Resistance; Communist  
Histories; Considerations on Marxist Westerns; Crisis, Ecology and  
Marxism; Debt; Dialogues in Marxist Feminist Theory; Documentary's  
(Dis)continuities; Eastern European Marxism; Ernst Bloch's Utopian  
Materialism: Launch of the 'Bloch Bibliothek' Project; Encountering  
Althusser; Escaping the Crisis; Europe in Crisis; Fascism: Theory and  
History; Feminism and Anti-racism: The Hijab Question; Feminist  
collectives past and present; Feminist-Marxist critiques of liberal  
feminism; Feminisms and Marxisms in Modern Chinese Theory and  
Practice; Feminism, Neo-Colonialism and Empire; Feminism Politics and  
Contemporary Art:  Documenting, Performing, Producing 1960s - 2010s;  
Green Capitalism and Ecological Revolution; Grounding the “New”  
Movements; 'Haunted by a Radical Instability': Althusser and the  
Precarious Necessity of the Law; Hegel and Marx; Hegel or Spinoza: The  
Tendencies of Pierre Macherey; Historical-Critical Dictionary of  
Marxism Workshop; History and Militancy in Walter Benjamin; History  
Reborn: Specters of Revolution in Contemporary Science Fiction;  
History and Revolution: Thinking with the 18th Brumaire; How to think  
Partisan today? Between partisan art and politics in WWII Yugoslavia;  
Imperialism and finance; Ineluctable Narrative: Marxism, Modernity,  
and Representation in Art, Music, Comics and the Novel Form; Kautsky,  
Bernstein, Lenin; Labour, Class and Welfare; Law, Social Movements and  
Struggle; Labriola, Gramsci, Lukacs; Law and Struggles;Left Parties,  
Left Strategies; Lineages of Modernism and the Avant-Garde;  
Machiavelli, Marxism, and the Revolutionary Tradition; Marxism and  
Critique; Marxism and Feminism: Revisiting and Extending the Dialogue;  
Marxist-feminism as revolutionary praxis; Marxism and the Media;  
Maoist Movements in Sri Lanka, Portugal and India: History, Theory and  
Practice; Marxist Political Strategies; Memory and its Discontents;  
Migrant domestic workers; Natural Beauty and Negative Images in  
Adorno; The New Latin American Left: Cracks in the Empire; Occupation  
and Forced Migration: From Palestine to Kashmir; Passages from  
Feudalism: The Transition in Theory; The Poetry of the Future; The  
Political Predicament of Contemporary Art; The Politics of  
Reproduction; Poor People's Movements; Powers of the State; Primitive  
Accumulation / Accumulation by Dispossession: Theory and Strategy;  
Problems of Communist History; Property, Commodity and the Legal  
Relation; The Protest Movement and the 2011-2012 Revolutions in  
Context: The Opposition Movement in Russia and Global Struggles; Re- 
evaluating Lukacs: critical realism in political art, then and now;  
Remittances and Migration in a World of Inequality; Representation and  
Resistance in Culture; Rethinking Revolutionary History and Thought in  
the Middle East; Revisiting the Bolivian National Revolution of 1952;  
Revisiting Politics and Radicalism in Art of the 60s and 70s;  
Revolution; Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Middle East; Self- 
Management; Snake Eggs: Older and New; Social Reproduction,  
Commodification and Sexualities; Spaces of Capital; Terror, the  
General Will and the Jacobin Legacy; Theories of Finance and Crisis;  
Third Avant-Garde? Art Today; Trade Unions: Limits and Challenges;  
Tradition and the Italian Resistance; Understanding Crises of Labour  
in Southern Africa; War, Resistance and Revolution; Western Marxisms;  
What are the implications of the turn towards ethnic politics for  
class struggle?; Women and Globalisation: On transition and  
development; Women in times of economic crisis; Work, work, work!  
Value, Technology, Ideology

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