[Marxism] Hatchet job on European left and anti-Semitism

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 30 09:00:46 MDT 2012

I have been following this thread and have issues with 3 of those involved. 
Here I will direct some words to Dennis and Dan, and will address Joseph's 
offensive remarks in my next email.

You post a lot of useful and interesting articles on this list. But this 
wasn't one of them. The article you wasted my time reading was a rehash of 
many other such articles smearing the pro-Palestinian left with the brush of 
antisemitism. I don't think it said anything new. Instead of the subject 
line you supplied, it should have read: ANOTHER LIBERAL attempts a Hatchet 
job on European left and anti-Semitism... <yawn>

I read the article too, and I cannot possibly see why you think the article 
was singling out the French. I very much realize (see above comment) that 
there is a plethora of Zionist propaganda decrying support to the 
Palestinians as antisemitic and warning of an "increase in antisemitism" 
(which is not substantially true, but it's hard to tell because the Zionists 
have succeeded in getting anti-Israeli positions labelled as antisemitic). 
It didn't have to do with France or the French in particular, and you boldly 
coming to the defense of your country should be cause for personal reflection.

- Jeff

At 17:28 28-10-12 -0400, Dennis Brasky wrote:
>Zionist hatchet job on European left and anti-Semitism

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