[Marxism] the election over there

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 15:02:29 MDT 2012

I have no wish to be callous at all, but contemporary politicians never
waste a good disaster and Sandy has fallen right into the lap of one of the
great opportunists of our time. His lofty dismissal of a question at a
press conference that the 'election will take care of itself' shows a level
of appropriate cunning. Obama now gets to act out  and foreground the "HEAD
OF STATE' aspect of his office and he will do it with great aplomb.

As for Romney he can fill as many relief parcels as he likes but he cannot
compete with what Obama will unleash over the next few days.

I hasten to add that I absolutely refuse to care which of the two will win.
Admittedly I have to fight an urge for the Obama era to be over finally and
for Afro-Americans and Latinos to get it all behind them.

That has put me at odds with many of my liberal friends here who cling to
Obama with all the feverish fervor of a CPUSA cadre.  I can't help recall
the feverish debates we had four years ago.  Fred, godblesshim, wherever he
is and I had bitter exchanges, but now there is no one at all to argue the
case for Obama.  There is only the case against Romney. But for how long
can that, which is a political variation on the old good cop/bad cop
routine, work?   Hopefully not past this election.

We on the Left are of course very isolated, but we still are not totally
unlinked to the rest of humanity, and I feel that the now total absence of
enthusiasm for Obama is significant.  four years ago everyone here was
mouthing 'yes, we can'.  Now no one dare utter that.  such are the politics
of disillusionment, the simple negation of the Obama affirmation.  But when
will we get the negation of the negation?



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