[Marxism] English translation: Hugo Chavez's six-year plan for the Bolivarian Revolution

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 21:27:38 MDT 2012

In the document translated by links here:

The Chavez program has an interesting section:

3.1.2           Develop the Orinoco Oil Belt.       Develop the proven reserves of the Orinoco Oil Belt to
achieve a total production of 4 million barrels a day by the year
2019.       Develop the production of the six new joint ventures
for the production and processing of crude from the Orinoco Oil Belt
to achieve a production of 2.090.000 barrels a day by the year 2019.       Build new improvers to transform the extra-heavy oil of
the Orinoco Oil Belt from 8º API to 32º-42º API, based on a total
processing capacity of 1 million barrels a day.       Build two new refineries, one in Cabruta and the other
one in the Industrial Complex ‘José Antonio Anzoátegui’ with a total
processing capacity of 720.000 barrels a day.       Drill 10 500 horizontal oil wells, grouped in 520
production sites.       Build a storage capacity of 20 million barrels and 2000
kilometers of pipelines –including oil and diluents pipeline systems.       Build a deep water terminal in the state of Sucre for
the reception and dispatch of crude and oil products with an export
capacity of 2 million barrels a day, as well as three river terminals
for solids and fluids at the Orinoco River.       Build five thermo power stations with a total
generation capacity of 2 620 mega watts, which shall be operated with
the petroleum coke resulting from the process of improvement of the
crude from the Orinoco Oil Belt.       Build two industrial condominiums in the areas of
Carabobo and Junín to supply services to the improvers.    Create six Socialist Petro-industrial Bases at the
Orinoco Oil Belt, in the areas of Palital, Chaguaramas and San Diego
de Cabrutica to develop metal and mechanical activities, provide
services to oil wells and vessels, manufacture oil drills, drill bits,
valves, pipes and other goods and services.

Given the opposition at various levels to the Canadian version of
this, the infamous Tar Sands, I wonder what people here think of this
program to expand greatly the exploitation of these Tar Sand in
Venezuela, the largest in the world by far. What is the carbon effect?
Local and regional environmental issues associated with this massive
undertaking? No one here on this list of course denies the right to do
this by Venezuela's government, but this is a making the worlds
dirtiest "oil" available with prodigious amounts of GHGs. Is there
discussion of this in Venezuela? I'm curious.


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