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Below is a comment made by a Syrian on Robert Fisk report. I find it painfully accurate in its analysis of the situation in Syria. I also happen to have some Syrian Friends living in Syria who echo the same growing sense that even if Bashar is overthrown, the bloodshed will continue as it has become obvious that what started out as peaceful protests degenerated into a sectarian strife backed by extremists. It is totally senseless and i just hope the bloodshed will come to an end
I am Syrian too, I don't care if Assad stays or leaves but I know this: 
if the majority of Syrians wanted to overthrow him he would have been 
gone a long time ago, and even more; if it wasn't for the support of the
 majority of the people he wouldn't have been able to stay in office 
with the whole world against him.
'Western world wants Syria divided' maybe, but they cannot do that before toppling him.
 for what was said above that Mr.Fisk doesn't know the Syrian security 
forces, and that the people are intimidated by them, I really can't 
agree with it, I am Syrian and even I don't know what they are talking 
about, yes security forces are nasty but I hear all kinds of stories 
accusing both sides, and fear of security forces exists but it is not 
greater than that of the so called FSA! so if "freedom fighters" in 
Syria are building similar security forces at this stage, then they are 
merely duplicating and then replacing the existing dictatorship by 
another that favors the west to the east and if that's the case then, no
 one is actually fighting for freedom and democracy! and the people will
 prefer to provide more support to the government forces because they 
wouldn't accept being controlled by extremists (religious or other)

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    Daraya Coordination Committee

    Press Release

    Robert Fisk’s report about the massacre of Saturday 25/08/2012

    On Wednesday 29 August 2012, Mr. Robert Fisk of The Independent wrote a report on the Daraya Massacre that was perpetrated only 4 days earlier. Mr. Fisk is a world-famous journalist known for his balanced opinion pieces and ground-breaking reports especially from the Middle East. The people of Syria especially remember Fisk for being the first foreign reporter to enter the city of Hama after the 1982 massacre and relate to the world the horrors he saw there. Thus, we were absolutely astonished by the above-mentioned report and would like to make sure that certain points in it are not left uncorrected. We do this out of respect to the fallen heroes and to make sure the voice of the victims is heard.

    Anyone who watched the infamous and insolent report made by the state-favored Addounia TV, would notice the obvious similarities between the two reports.

    One major concern that would invalidate any statement taken from the victims is the presence of army personnel as admitted by Mr. Fisk himself. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the Syrian regime would know the degree of intimidation this would incur in the hearts and minds of witnesses. The army does not need to spoon-feed the statements to the witnesses as fear is more than enough to make them repeat the narrative propagated by the government about armed militias and radical Islamists.

    Moreover, the article is headlined and predicated on the government’s unbelievable prisoner-swap story. The question that begs to be asked is the following: Even if there was a prisoner exchange and it failed, does the Assad regime have any grounds at all for this level of retaliation? Were there similar failed rounds of negotiation before the massacres of Muaddamiya, Saqba etc. In fact, what has been happening in the towns of the Damascus Countryside Governorate, and indeed all of Syria, follows a similar scenario that begins with shelling and ends with massacres of civilians.

    A seemingly strong point in Mr. Fisk’s report is his mentioning of real names of people telling their real stories. However, the Coordination Committee of Daraya has been in touch with some of these people and the following corrections need to be made.

    1- The story of Hamdi Khreitem’s parents. The witness must have been too intimidated to identify his parents’ killers. Our reliable sources from the field hospital of Daraya confirm that both of them were targeted by a sniper (from the Assad army of course).

    2- The story of Khaled Yahya Zukari. The witness was actually in a car with his brother and their wives and children. They were shot at by government forces and his wife and daughter (Leen) were hit. The baby girl’s head was almost split in half and a bullet penetrated the mother’s chest. The mother became hysterical as a result of the shock. Later she died as the field hospital had to be evacuated prior to an army raid. The Assad army told the people that the FSA raped and killed the woman.

    The fear and intimidation of witnesses is reflected sometimes in their refusal to name a guilty side. Moreover, Mr. Fisk should know better than reporting conjecture such as this: ‘Another man said that, although he had not seen the dead in the graveyard, he believed that most were related to the government’s army and included several off-duty conscripts.’ The implicit accusation is of course directed against the FSA and this method of reporting resembles Syrian state propaganda par excellence, something that we wish Mr. Fisk had not done.

    The revolution committee would finally like to stress also that Mr. Fisk did not meet any member of the opposition in Daraya and that he merely depended on the narrative of his ‘tour guides’ in reporting on such a horrific massacre, the ugliest Syria has seen in the 17 months of the revolution

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