[Marxism] Morsi's speech at NAM meeting

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I will try to get hold of it. Aljeezra is driven by its own agenda, so it is capable of such lies but again Iran is also notorious for such blunders

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Anas Abdelrahim said:
I speak Arabic as well as Farsi and I watched the whole speech. He did slam the Syrian governments and he did call it oppressive. However, He did not criticize the Syrian mishmash of messy Syrian opposition for their own contribution to the senseless violence in Syria. I had the impression that he was addressing the young revolutionaries in Egypt because they have unequivocally come down on the side of the Syrian revolutionaries. Another major theme he touched on in his speech was the Palestinian issue and he reiterated his support for Palestine. Likewise, he expressed his support for Iran's development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. All in all, it was a boondoggle as such gatherings are apt to be.    

Ken Hiebert replies:
I wonder if we have access to the broadcasts on Iranian TV.  Then you could tell us if Al Jazeera is right and Morsi's speech was mis-translated.
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