[Marxism] Defend Civil Liberties - CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention

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Tue Sep 4 08:45:46 MDT 2012

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*Defend Civil Liberties - CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention*

The *Connecticut Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention* aims to mobilize
outrage at the indefinite domestic military detention powers of the
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In February, more than 100
people from 30 different organizations convened to discuss how to mobilize
in response to this most recent attack on civil liberties. The
organizations included civil rights, anti-war, and interfaith
organizations, Occupy, and others from throughout Connecticut. The
coalition is mobilizing statewide resistance to the NDAA’s detention
powers, while also standing in solidarity with allied groups, such as those
confronting racial profiling by the NYPD and its abusive stop & frisk

*September 6th - Japanese-American Internment and State Repression Today *

*Bill of Rights Defense Committee honors Coalition member:*

*CTCSID Joins UNAC call for Oct. 7th:*

*SAVE THE DATE:* Regional Civil Liberties Conference to be Held at Central
CT State University November 17
Speakers and workshops in formation

For more go to: http://ctstopindefinitedetention.wordpress.com/

Like our page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StopIndefiniteDetention

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