[Marxism] Updates On The Opposition Syrian National Army And Syrian Army

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The presence of "Islamist Jihadists" in Syria was reported as early as last year by Aljazeera reporter who later resigned because the channel refused to air photos documenting a clash between the army and an armed group along the Lebanese-Syrian border http://english.al-akhbar.com/node/4941. I also happen to be in touch with a Syrian friend whose emails corroborate the fact that such groups exist in Syria. he did admit that the protests started out quite peacefully but then got out of hand. It is beyond any shadow of doubt that Bashar along with his clique is a brutal autocrat and he should definitely go but the proposition that the opposition is any better is very dubious to say the least. 

likewise, the claim that Robert Fisk has been "indoctrinated" is not borne out by his extensive coverage of the events in Syria and certainly not by his long track record of credible investigative journalism. having said that, objective reporting is extremely difficult when it comes to covering the mess in Syria. 

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