[Marxism] Updates On The Opposition Syrian National Army And Syrian Army

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 15:18:42 MDT 2012

Anas Abdelrahim wrote: ' The presence of "Islamist Jihadists" in Syria
was reported as early as last year by Aljazeera reporter who later
resigned because the channel refused to air photos documenting a clash
between the army and an armed group along the Lebanese-Syrian
border... I also happen to be in touch with a Syrian friend whose
emails corroborate the fact that such groups exist in Syria.'

I'm not denying the presence of jihadists in Syria, and I've been
pointing this out for quite some time. What concerns me is that, on
the one hand, some people on the left view the opposition to Assad as
a conspiracy by Saudi Arabia and the imperialist powers, using
non-Syrian jihadists to stir up a population that is broadly
supportive of the Syrian regime, whilst, on the other, other
left-wingers are blithely unconcerned about the presence and
activities of jihadists in Syria and their effects upon the opposition
to the regime in trying to turn what I consider to have been a
democratic quest into a sectarian quagmire similar to what we've seen
in Iraq.

Returning to Robert Fisk's report, I read it when it first appeared,
and it seemed to me that the regime had carefully arranged the prison
visit in order to present him with prisoners who were genuine
jihadists with the intention of giving the impression that the
opposition to the regime is the work of religious sectarians, and
largely non-Syrian ones to boot. The question immediately arises --
well, it did to me -- how representative of the prisoners taken by the
regime were these jihadists? Fisk does not ask this question.

Paul F

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