[Marxism] Richard Aoki reconsidered

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 5 15:56:36 MDT 2012

At 16:29 05-09-12 -0400, X Y wrote:
>Now you are just being obtuse.  He DID deny it.

No. Only after he had had a chance to think about it. I can't imagine
someone being asked if they had ever worked for the FBI and not denying it
right away. The relevant portion of the phone conversation starts at 3:10
on the following video. The part where he finally denies it (and not in
very strong terms) is at 9:40 on the tape.

Again, I don't have a stake one way or the other in this matter. But
assuming that the recording is genuine, then I would reach the conclusion I
have stated. Others can listen and judge for themselves. All I can add, is
that if it is true that he was an informer and later switched sides, that
it's unfortunate that he didn't ever acknowledge that so that there
wouldn't be a lingering suspicion that he remained an FBI informant for
years and years.

- Jeff

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