[Marxism] Video report on September 2nd rally in Washington DC for Syrian revolution

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 06:59:00 MDT 2012

Thanks very much for this, Louis. I can't watch video on my work PC but
your text is heartening enough.
The day before the DC demo I was at a Syrian community demo in NYC. About
125 people. One of the sponsors was the SAC, which has a pro-intervention
position (no-fly zone, more aid, etc.).
A friend who helped organize and chair it, and who knows me from many past
Egypt/Palestine/etc. demos, asked me to speak. One of the early speakers
had called for intervention from "the West." In my speech I said "yes, we
definitely want the West involved: but will it be the West of the 1% or of
the 99%?" And then I connected the misery and struggles of workers in Syria
with those here and elsewhere.
These lines got a very warm reception from the crowd. And when my friend
took the mike back he told the crowd that I was against military
intervention, and that it was important to have all voices for the
Revolution be heard.

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