[Marxism] Rosenfeld on Richard Aoki

Red Arnie redarnie at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 02:24:03 MDT 2012

KQED Radio program, Friday, Sept. 7, interview of Rosenfeld about recently
released documents

Richard Aoki: Black Panther or FBI Informant?



I don't know why they used "or" in the title to this program.

It is worth listening to the entire program because it addresses many of
the questions raised on this list - many of which can't be answered at this
time and many of which will never have an answer.

For example, did the FBI know about Aoki providing arms to the BPP or
encourage it in any manner.  This isn't farfetched.  Remember the U.S.
recently gave easy access to U.S. guns to Mexican druglords in Operation
Fast and Furious. We'll probably never know the answer because the FBI has
plausible deniability if Aoki was in fact used as an FBI conduit of arms.

Red Arnie

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