[Marxism] An Awful Election

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 20:25:22 MDT 2012

This was a wonderful blog. I have been thinking of the contrast 4 years ago
when we had all that impassioned debate on the list about Obama and the
mass movement supporting him. All that has gone.  We seem to be in some
kind of limbo which is post-disillusionment in some way.  the bourgeois
press is full of how his wife's and Clinton's speeches have revived the
Obama campaign.

>From this distance I doubt it.

All it did was to show that the Faker in the White House has no shame at
all, nor anything remotely like shame.

The arrogance of the American ruling class has never been so cruelly
apparent.  That they would allow crazies like Ryan to be a vice-residential
candidate is very scary indeed.

I don't have a vote of course but if I did you would have to torture me and
I would hold out for at least our toes before I would vote for Obama. Truth
is I will have a certain morbid satisfaction if Obama is defeated, even
though the Republicans are unspeakable.

What of the alternative?  Will the spirit of Occupy revive?  At least it
doesn't look as if the Democrats succeeded in corralling it into support
for Obama.

The RBR wonders when our team will take the field.  It will eventually, I
have no doubt, but I am currently meditating on Shelley's line

If Winter comes can spring be far behind?


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