[Marxism] something to get the adrenalin flowing - British Labourites on the US election.

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 22:33:00 MDT 2012

*"Second, in the wake of the crisis, we need to be state reformers as well
as market reformers. In the US it is striking that the anti-government Tea
Party has so much more staying power than the anti-market Occupy movement.
It is true that there is not a single successful economy today in which
government does not play a vital role in driving forward market economies
and standing up for the public interest. But there is another truth in the
wake of the financial crisis: that government is on trial as well as
*So we need to be the people doing things differently when there is less
money around. That was the lesson from Democratic governors and mayors at
the convention. Like Labour in local government in the UK, they are
refashioning the way the state does business – decentralising power,
incentivising job creation, switching spending and engaging the voluntary
sector – to achieve progressive outcomes".*

The above quote is from an article In Saturday's Guardian by Douglas
Alexander , Shadow Foreign Secretary British Labour Part and David
Milliband a back bencher, former Minister in the Brown govt and of course
the brother of Ed Milliband the Opposition Leader. The entire article is a
pink tutu kind of cheerleader thing for Obama.  What struck me though was
the determination of the Labour Right to turn the British Labour Party into
a shadow of the  Democrats.

What particularly earned my contempt was the remark about the lack of
staying power of the Occupy movement compared to the Tea Party.  Not a word
of the police assaults, which were federally coordinated by the Obama
Administration. Not a word about the paymasters of the Tea Party.  Nor in
the entire article is there a word at all of the politics of the Obama
Administration in terms of the distribution of wealth or of foreign policy.
Just a repetition of the same old tired New Labour crap about the need to
win over the centre.  That needless to say is code for the need to reassure
the ruling class that they have no intention of changing the wealth and
power structure of Britain.

The Labour Right in Britain are deeply worried that the British Labour
Party will win the next election as they are comfortably ahead in the
polls. Victory which has not been confined within the bounds of a total
commitment to the status quo is to be avoided at all costs.

There is something of less of a worry at the prospects of a Romney Ryan
victory. They are I guess mindful of the prime directive of British foreign
policy  as explained to a former Ambassador- "Get up the arse of the
Americans and stay there".  So it could be Romney & Ryan's posteriors they
have to kiss; tough but them's the breaks.   In any case I fully expect
Alexander & Millliband  & Co to rim and bear it



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