[Marxism] "Demographic winter" as reproductive strike

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 05:19:53 MDT 2012

Perhaps someone else has said this better, so I would appreciate references
if any:

*The other idea that has been in my head for a few weeks is the idea of the
Western “demographic winter” as a strike against the oppressive
reproductive demands of capital. Capital demands for families to be small,
mobile, and for the nuclear family to take on most of the burden of
producing workers (i.e. all of us) for less pay socially and greater
demands concerning “quality” of workers. (The whole complaint that kids
these days are stupid.) What do the smart European countries then do? Not
have kids. It makes sense: if capital demands smarter kids to compete on
the international market, but won’t provide the wages (or even jobs) to
support those children, what else is the smart person of reproductive age
to do but strike (not have kids)?*
-the rest here :

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