[Marxism] “Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain”: Film and Television After 9/11

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Tue Sep 11 12:18:32 MDT 2012

"CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and other US outlets broadcast and rebroadcast the images of the twin towers being hit over and over again like a porno loop, but in China, enterprising entrepreneurs went one step further, creating such instant DVD “disaster movies” as The Century’s Great Catastrophe, Surprise Attack on America, and America’s Disaster: The Pearl Harbor of the Twenty-First Century (all 2001). These hybrid productions, freely mixing pirated news footage with equally illegal clips from conventional Hollywood disaster movies, appeared fewer than 72 hours after the World Trade Center attack, and were sold throughout the world, but perhaps most ironically as bootlegs on the streets of Manhattan, as nearly instantaneous souvenirs of the disaster. Many of these DVDs, to boot, were critical of America’s policies throughout the world, and viewed the events of 9/11 as the result of dreams of global domination (Dixon 2003: 73)."

Wheeler Winston Dixon, "'Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain': Film and Television After 9/11"

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