[Marxism] Werner Sombart "Why is there no Socialism in the U.S.?" 1906

Red Arnie redarnie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 13:36:12 MDT 2012

Thanks for the helpful responses.

The 1975 translation that I have (Publisher: M.E. Sharpe) claimed to be the
first complete translation of Sombart's work.

Can someone suggest a way to get the content of Historical Materialism,
Vol. 11, Issue 4 (2003) referred to by Andrew Pollack?  It appears to have
excellent articles. The Kautsky translation is not even available at
marxists.org and I can't find any of the other articles online (for free,
that is).  Brill wants $54.00 for it.

I guess it's only a tank of gas these days but I wish this material could
be more easily and affordably accessible.  Is it feasible to set up a
readers' co-op to make institutional purchases of these journals so that we
can get online access to back issues?

Red Arnie

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