[Marxism] I was a Communist for the FBI

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I have recollections of hearing about this movie but have never seen it.
I think in Cannon's grandson's recollections of his grandfather it was one
of the few things that he was banned from seeing.

I haunt secondhand bookshops quite often. Each week after my radio programme
on the way to get our coffee we walk past a secondhand hand bookshop. Out
the front there have a table of very cheap books - I suspect nobody else
wants to buy them.

Today for the bargain price of $4 I picked up a copy of Otto Friedrich's,
City of Nets: A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940s, At first glance it appears
to be quite sympathetic - does anybosy know it?
douglas jordan.
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>Got your attention?
>This is the title of a film made by Warner Brothers that was released in
>1951 after Warner purchased the rights to a series of articles based on
>real life experiences of Matthew Cvetic, an FBI informant, that ran in The
>Saturday Evening Post.  The film was nominated for an Academy Award for
>best documentary.  Subsequently a serial radio show was produced that ran
>between 1952 to 1954.  According to Wikipedia 72 episodes were produced
>with a large budget (no doubt FBI backed).  38 episodes are available for
>listening online at http://www.otr.net/?p=cfbi
>During the same period there was a TV series called "I Led Three Lives"
>loosely based on the exploits of Herbert A. Philbrick, also a voluntary
>informant during the 40's. Philbrick wrote a book with the same title.
>Episodes of the TV series can be viewed on YouTube, for example:
>Even though these programs sound as stilted as the government film Reefer
>Madness, useful information about informants can be gleaned from these
>materials and the books by and about these informants.
>Unfortunately, many who came of age in the 60's think that COINTELPRO was
>something new.  Many who are coming of age now think that COINTELPRO is
>extinct. The only thing that changed in the 60's was a name given to a
>program that has a long history and that is certainly continuing today.
>Those who speak as if informants come in one easily identifiable shape and
>size do a disservice to progressive groups who are the target of informant
>Red Arnie
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