[Marxism] talk by South African comrade

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 10:09:05 MDT 2012

Last night the Brecht Forum and the CUNY Center for Place, Culture and
Politics sponsored a talk by Mazibuko Jara, editor of Amandla and leader of
the Democratic Left Front (his articles are at:

He was fucking brilliant, providing a thorough analysis of the
SACP/ANC/COSATU alliance and its trajectory.

I asked him about the DLF, which is a coalition of movement groups and left
organizations. He was open and honest about their modest size and
influence, and repeated a point he made several times, about the need to
rebuild the mass activist base which has been destroyed since the ANC took
power (and he said the DLF was in no way big enough yet to do so, just that
that's their priority).

He also talked repeatedly about the importance of unions in linking
workplace and community issues, and the overlapping need to go beyond
single issue campaigns to broader approaches which attacked the whole
framework of neoliberalism and its local enforcers. Here too he was modest
but determined in his take on what the DLF can do about this today.

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