[Marxism] Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 12 15:24:09 MDT 2012

Louis Proyect wrote :

 >>"In other words, Mohammad was referring to conception not rape. An 
Islamist website explains: "He merely says it does not matter if his 
soldiers withdraw before ejaculation, because souls destined by Allah to 
be born will be born regardless."

I do not bring this up to defend the Quran, a book that I have never 
read--only to stress the importance of historical context. In the 
history of religion, Islam was a big advance over Christianity. Moslem 
rule in Europe was far more benign than Christian rule in the East. If 
we are going to deal with the deeds of Islam rather than words plucked 
out of context from the Quran, it really comes off fairly well."<<

OK. So Muhammad merely said it did not matter if his soldiers withdrew 
before ejaculation whilst raping captives, no souls would be lost. I did 
not quote the end of the sentence. My mistake.

As for Islam being "a big advance on Christianity", I really must ask : 
Which Islam ? Which Christianity ? Which mode of production ? Which set 
of social relationships ? Is Islam, per se, a "big advance" on 
Christianity ?

As for the Ottoman Empire's rule over the Balkans ("Moslem rule in 
Europe was far more benign than Christian rule in the East"), now this 
is a historically-grounded argument. However, comparing the Ottoman 
Empire's Millet system to the Crusader's hold on the Levant is like 
comparing apples and oranges. No serious historian would attempt such a 
comparison. Was Bismarck's Protestant Germany more benign than 16th 
century Catholic Spain ?

In my posts, I consistently stuck to the period of Muhammad's lifetime, 
arguing that Islam was the product of an economic system based on 
pillage and gradual military expansion from the area around Medina to 
control all the caravan routes of the Arabian Peninsula.

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