[Marxism] Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 12 15:38:11 MDT 2012

On 9/12/12 5:24 PM, dan wrote:
> As for Islam being "a big advance on Christianity", I really must ask :
> Which Islam ? Which Christianity ? Which mode of production ? Which set
> of social relationships ? Is Islam, per se, a "big advance" on
> Christianity ?

The Islam and Christianity of the feudal epoch.


Under Andalusian Skies

On April 11th a gasoline truck exploded in front of an ancient synagogue 
on the resort island of Djerba, which is part of Tunisia. At first 
considered an accident, it was subsequently revealed to be a terrorist 
act. This event--along with synagogue desecrations in Europe attributed 
to Arab or North African immigrants--have given ammunition to Zionist 
commentators who view anti-Semitism in essentialist terms. They are 
trying to reduce Islamic peoples to eternal foes of the Jews, just as 
Daniel Goldhagen did for the Germans.


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