[Marxism] Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 12 16:25:11 MDT 2012

The "feudal epoch" which I presume means the period from the 6th century 
AD to the 15th century AD covers nine centuries.

Eurasia experienced many technological and social changes during that 
period : the stirup meant cavalry became more important than massed 
footsoldiers in warfare, the broadplough meant much more land could be 
brought under cultivation, crop rotation meant food production became 
more abundant, windmills meant non-animal power sources became more 
prevalent, harnesses and horseshoes meant horses could draw ten-times 
more weight and travel five-times more distance than in the Classical 
Age, etc.

All these developments spread throughout Eurasia, from China to Baghdad 
to Britain. A variety of warring polities arose in Europe, the Islamic 
World and China. It was not a period conducive to the establishment of 
large empires, except of course Gengis Khan's momentous conquests.

No leader had enough of "an edge" to permantly subdue his neighbours.

At the beginning of this period, the cities of the Islamic World were 
more developed than their European counterparts. Islam was more tolerant 
of infidels simply because a large proportion of the popluation was 
Christian and allowances had to be made. Such was not the case in 
MEdieval Europe.

In AL Andalus and Sicily, JEws and Christians made up the majority of 
the population, and their loyalty could not be depended on in case of an 
attack from Christendom. This is part of the explanation why Islamic 
Spain (during some periods) was a tolerant and open society. Another 
reason was the importance of unhindered trade within the Islamic World, 
which made the elite less dependant on naked extortion to maintain its 

When the Normans conquered Sicily, the importance of trade diminished, 
and the new overlords gradually began to perceive infidels as a 
potential threat. Muslim peasents were potential rebels and Muslim 
artisans and intellectuals were no longer needed, now that Sicily had 
been brought into the sphere of MEdieval Europe. The solution was 
deportation. The same phenomenon occured after the Spanish Reconquista.

Comparing the way infidels were treated on both sides of the 
Mediterrenan during this period will not produce any clear evidence that 
one of the two Abrahamic religions is, by nature, more tolerant than the 

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