[Marxism] Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests,

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 18:21:20 MDT 2012

this is typical of what dozens of Muslim friends are saying on Facebook,
all bending over backward to apologize for the embassy assaults and murders:
"CelebrateMercy Founder Tarek El-Messidi stated, "When lies are spread
about our Prophet, we simply respond with the truth. And the most effective
response is to embody his merciful character on a daily basis. Violence and
vandalism carried out in his name are more offensive than the content of
any film. The Quran tells us that the Prophet is praised by God and His
Angels; even a million films cannot
threaten his status as the Best of all Creation nor his love in our hearts."

In fact they were doing so in such profusion I had to ask them to stop, to
remember the provocations of the US (see Vijay Prashad on that).

Dan and Shane, what's the percentage in dredging up ancient history which
even if true has nothing to do with why Muslims today feel -- 100%
correctly -- victimized, murdered, ethnically cleansed, and all justified
by the kind of Islam-bashing you are now engaging in?

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