[Marxism] The conversion of Joel Kovel

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Alice Goodman (born jewish in Minnesota), the librettist for John
Adams' operas "Nixon in China" and "Death of Klinghoffer" which
blacklisted her as "pro"-palestinian, is also a convert to the Church
of England:


On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 7:47 PM, Michael Smith <mjs at smithbowen.net> wrote:

> Episcopalians have changed a lot. Especially 'round here,
> in Noo Yawk. I'm not a bit surprised that Joel K found
> St Mary's congenial. Kooperkamp is a very impressive
> guy -- of course he's a fellow Kentuckian, so I'm
> prejudiced -- and it's a pretty interesting bunch of
> people who show up there.
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