[Marxism] poll shows public support for Chicago teachers

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Fri Sep 14 07:52:35 MDT 2012

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According to *Capitol Fax*, an influential political report that covers
state politics, “Chicago teachers have a strong majority of Chicagoans
behind them, according to a new poll.  Also, an overwhelming majority of
Chicago parents with public school students support the strike, the poll
found.  And strong pluralities blame Mayor Rahm Emanuel.”

Conducted by We Ask America, the poll of 1,344 voting Chicago households
asked, "In general, do you approve or disapprove of the Chicago Teachers
Union's decision to go on strike?" 55.5 percent said they approved and 40
percent disapproved.  Another 4 percent had no opinion.  The poll has a
margin of error of +/- 2.8 percent,” according to Rich Miller, the report’s

Miller also noted:

(CTU) support jumped to 66 percent among parents of public school
children.  Less than a third of those parents, 31 percent, disapproved of
the strike, according to the poll.  Among people with no school-age
children, 51 percent approved of the job action, while 44 percent

A very strong 63 percent of African-Americans polled approved of the
strike, while 65 percent of Latinos expressed approval.  Women and men
almost equally approved of the strike - 55 percent of women and 56 percent
of men.
Asked who they thought was "most to blame" for the strike, just over 34
percent pointed their finger at Mayor Rahm Emanuel, while 29 percent blamed
the Chicago Teachers Union and 19 percent blamed the school board.  In
other words, a solid majority blames management, one way or the other.

But almost a majority, 48 percent, of Latinos blamed Mayor Emanuel, as did
33 percent of African-Americans, 42 percent of parents of public school
children and 40 percent of parents of school-age children.  All age
brackets except those aged 55-64 blamed Emanuel the most, with 50 percent
of 18-24 year olds pointing their finger at hizzoner, as well as 41 percent
of 35-44 year olds.
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