[Marxism] How to read Zizek

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 14 13:09:10 MDT 2012

Somewhere Zizek tells the story of an incident in the Vienam War. It may have been in Iraq: the Borrowed Kettle.
According to his account the Americans came through a village in Vietnam and while they were there they gave some small children shots to prevent some illness.  Later the NLF came through and punished the village by cutting off the arms that bore the marks of the shots.
I was horrified and disgusted by this story.  If it were true, it would be a horrible crime.  it is hard to believe that the NLF, which had broad support among the Vietnamese people, would do such a thing.
As bad as the story was Zizek's reaction to it.  He presented in a matter of fact way, as something that would be a normal part of any struggle.  As if such ruthlessness and cruelty were necessary to win.
Reading this I formed a very negative opinion of Zizek.
						ken h

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