[Marxism] Union preparing to accept sellout contract and end Chicago teachers strike

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Fri Sep 14 14:31:11 MDT 2012

Andrew Pollack wrote

oh, this is such horseshit
WSWS says "the union can't do this, they won't do that, there's no way they
can win after a few days."
utter bull. Once again WSWS proves its truthfulness ranking up their with
the NY Times, RT and PressTV.
The union CAN win some significant victories, CAN push Emanuel back on some
of his demands, because of the members' massive mobilization, and
solidarity from allies in Chicago and far and wide.
Anyone in the Midwest, please be in Chicago tomorrow!
And NYers, come to the 2 to 4 OWS labor assembly in Washington Square Park,
followed by a 4 pm CTU solidarity speakout!

On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Ralph Johansen 
<mdriscollrj at charter.net>wrote:

 > ======================================================================

That's a whole lot of vitriol.

What I wrote is wholly in support of the strike, in every way I could, 
emphasizing the importance of a favorable outcome.

I'd appreciate it, if you are as well-informed about this issue as you 
indicate, if you'd respond, specifically and rationally, to these 
assertions in the article I posted for what it's worth, instead of just 

Does the proposed contract in its substance include "changes to teacher 
evaluation systems and rehiring policies that would effectively end job 

Does what the terms of the contract provide in effect involve "a prelude 
to the elimination of tens of thousands of public school teacher jobs"?

How does the proposed contract effectively overcome the assertion that 
"the Emanuel administration...plans to shut down as many as 120 public 
schools over the next five years, but is waiting until after the strike 
ends to announce its proposals" and "expand the number of charter 
schools from 100 to 160?"

Is it true "that issues of this magnitude can [not] be settled within a 
few days, or that Emanuel and his backers would [not] retreat on any of 
their central demands. The administration, with the help of the CTU, is 
simply buying time and getting teachers back to work. This will make it 
extremely difficult for teachers to resume the strike once they learn 
the details of the sellout deal."

Is it true that "an end to the strike will be decided not by the 
teachers, but by a meeting of union delegates on Friday, when full 
details of the agreement may not even be available?"

Is it true that "teachers will only vote on the deal after they return 
to work?"

Is any of this true: "Among the major provisions of the agreement is the 
expansion of a test-based evaluation system that will be used to target 
experienced teachers and scapegoat them for the crisis in public 
education brought on by decades of budget cuts. Teachers determined to 
be "unsatisfactory" according to this system would be subjected to rapid 
termination, effectively eliminating tenure in the school system."

Is this based on fact: "Indeed, what information has been released makes 
clear that the pending agreement is, with a few cosmetic adjustments, 
what Emanuel has demanded?"

 From what I've read, this strike is well-led at the rank and file 
level, so I assume and hope not. I do know though, having participated 
in strikes and their outcome, what cosmetic settlements look like, and 
that it's not particularly plausible, even with broad support for the 
teachers, that the Rahm regime and its heavy artillery in the 
policy-making corporate structure is going to fold readily, in this case 
after five days, on important issues.

I'm not uncritically supporting any sect or anything they say flat out; 
all I ask is that I get a response to this post that calmly deals with 
the facts asserted.

And of course as I wrote, the success of this strike is crucial and I 
hoping everyone on the list, even at WSWS, is counting on there being 
massive support out there.

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