[Marxism] Christopher Stevens: The Quiet American

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 15:20:33 MDT 2012

> But I must insist that the current mainstream media bashing of embassy
> protests, and the abashed response to it of Muslims feeling on the
> defensive, can only be put down to Islamophobia.

Though, I think on the Left, and I'd assume that the revolutionary
socialists in these countries agree, we can critique these tactics and show
many of the flaws.

To do that though, unlike the media, we must understand each country is in
a very different situation. Like, Yemen is being bombed constantly by our

As well as take into account the problems that still exist that the Arab
Spring was about, food prices, employment and having a voice -- and that
people don't forget who made and supplied the weapons that were used to try
to crush them.

While understand why US embassies are attacked, and pointing out the
absurdity of statements from people like Hillary Clinton on violence, we
can also discuss if such acts are productive or not to the cause. And we
can't pretend every element involved has the same cause. Both progressives
and reactionaries are there.

I feel I often too quickly cheer such acts without first stepping back and
seeing if this is a movement with support of the workers or something else


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