[Marxism] Union preparing to accept sellout contract and end Chicago teachers strike

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Fri Sep 14 15:22:09 MDT 2012

Ralph Johansen <mdriscollrj at charter.net> writes:

> Does the proposed contract in its substance include "changes to
> teacher evaluation systems and rehiring policies that would
> effectively end job security"?

No, not that would effectively end job security, at least not judged by
the teachers I've spoken with, and according to what they saw it will
continue with an existing, well-known evaluation system that has a
multi-input rubrick for evaluation (not just standardized tests).

> Does what the terms of the contract provide in effect involve "a
> prelude to the elimination of tens of thousands of public school
> teacher jobs"?

Not that I have heard.

> How does the proposed contract effectively overcome the assertion that
> "the Emanuel administration...plans to shut down as many as 120 public
> schools over the next five years, but is waiting until after the
> strike ends to announce its proposals" and "expand the number of
> charter schools from 100 to 160?"

This cannot be negotiated in a teachers contract, in fact they are
prohibited by law from striking on non-labor related issues, which
school turn-around and closures is being classified as.  Also,
considering they have been doing at most 10 or 12 a year, that implies a
doubling in the rate of turnarounds -- not out of the question of

This is also an assertion that I have not seen repeated anywhere else in

> Is it true "that issues of this magnitude can [not] be settled within
> a few days, or that Emanuel and his backers would [not] retreat on any
> of their central demands. The administration, with the help of the
> CTU, is simply buying time and getting teachers back to work. This
> will make it extremely difficult for teachers to resume the strike
> once they learn the details of the sellout deal."

This is subjective bullshit.

> Is it true that "an end to the strike will be decided not by the
> teachers, but by a meeting of union delegates on Friday, when full
> details of the agreement may not even be available?"

Yes, their "assembly" will vote on the acceptance of the contract as I
have heard.  As for the full details, I know they teachers have been
given a version of the contract for their review.

> Is it true that "teachers will only vote on the deal after they return
> to work?"

I am not aware that there is any full vote required by their bylaws.

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