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Fri Sep 14 18:14:33 MDT 2012

Just this morning on our community radio station someone pointed out that
in the west the war was known as the Vietnam War but in Vietnam it is known
as the American War.

And one of the enduring myths in Australia is the claim that returning veterans
were spat on in the street. No-one has been able to provide convincing examples
where this happened.

A few years I went to one of the social functions for PhD students at my
uni. I used to go to them to get the odd glass or two of decent red wine
and some nice nibbles. But I also went to see what other students were doing.
One guy (about my age late 50s) came up and we started chatting. He said
he was ex-regular army and was doing a thesis on the legacy of Vietnam on

I have to tell you that I was out on the streets protesting against the war
I said. His reply was 'You were right but we didn't understand that at the
time'. But sadly the opposition to the war inside the Australian was much
more muted at the time than in the American Army. Veterans only started to
wise up (and many didn't) when they returned and got badly treated by successive
doug jordan.   
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