[Marxism] How to Read Zizek/war in vietnam

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Sep 14 20:04:20 MDT 2012

On 9/14/12 8:48 PM, michael yates wrote:
> The US government and Obama in particular are waging a campaign to
> rewrite the history of the war in Vietnam in the public
> consciousness. Monthly Review will be re-publishing our best articles
> on the war Vietnam, beginning with Leo Cawley's fine review, "An
> Ex-Marine Sees 'Platoon'" from April 1988.

Just by coincidence I will be reviewing a documentary called "Radio 
Unnameable" about WBAI's Bob Fass, who has been with the station doing 
"free form" radio since the early 60s. He is now 79. Part of the 
documentary deals with the station's sad decline. I want to deal with it 
but in the context of my overall relationship to the station since 1959 
or so when our TV repairman (that's how they used to it in the 1950s 
before transistors) put up a 25 foot FM antenna in our backyard so I 
could listen to WBAI from a hundred miles away.

Leo Cawley was an economist who taught at Fordham and did a show called 
"Fearful Symmetry" that was one of the greatest ever aired on the 
station. He spoke about all sorts of things, including one show on St. 
Patrick's Day about the paradoxes involved with being an Irish-American. 
Cawley was a Marine who went through heavy combat in Vietnam. He was 
also exposed to Agent Orange and as a result developed cancer. His 
brother wanted to donate bone marrow to save his life but the insurance 
company refused to pay for it because it was "experimental".

One of the most amazing shows was him interviewing a Vietnamese fighter 
who was in a unit in combat with his own. If there was anybody with half 
a brain at WBAI, they'd make digital archives of his shows which were 
one of radio's greatest treasures of the past 50 years.

Leo Cawley, one of the greats.

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