[Marxism] How to read Zizek

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 16 10:11:55 MDT 2012

 Shane Hopkinson said:
In relation to Ken's comment can anyone clarify what Zizek said about this
story - it sounds a bit simple to say that Zizek supports this kinds of
action. What point was he making? As the article suggests Zizek' stories
are about ideological deconstruction. I can't see any mention of it in
'Iraq the borrowed kettle' so perhaps its somewhere else.

* * * * *

Ken Hiebert replies:
(Vietnam war, story of arms being cut off)
My own recollection of this is quite strong, but I can hardly expect others to accept this without proof.  I'm not sure i even have the copy of the book that I once read.  So until I can offer proof, please put this story aside for further investigation.

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