[Marxism] Which side are you on: Oppressed Muslims or the oppressing state?

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 17 14:24:27 MDT 2012

en.passant at bigpond.com <mailto:en.passant%40bigpond.com> wrote :

 >>"Solidarity is not a light switch. It must be on the whole time. Our 
support for the oppressed today prepares us for the struggles of 
tomorrow against capitalism and its agents of oppression. The best way 
to do that and drive back oppression right now is to support and defend 
the Muslim demonstrators in Sydeny and any other struggles that do break 
out against capitalism.<<

Are you out of your mind ?

I mean really ? We must be on the side of reactionary, far-right 
religious zealots who believe GOD's law to be supreme ?

Let me put the crux of the isssue to you : do you believe that 
collective political decisions made by "mere men" are illegal and of no 
consequence if they contravene scripture ?

This is what religious fanatics believe. And such a position is totally 
contrary to all the emancipatory achievements of the secular history of 
Working Class resistance to Capitalism.

Marxism is the storming of the heavens, it is the affirmation of the 
working class coming into its own.

In France, on September the 14th,  Caroline Fourest of the Parti de 
Gauche (ex CP) was prevented from speaking at a conference against 
racism by a small group of Islamist sympathizers masquerading as 
left-wingers. She had written against the Muslim Brotherhood's position 
on homosexuality ("Gay people should be thrown from a high-top 
building") and as a result she was publicly branded an "Islamophobe" and 
prevented from giving her talk on the dangers of the re-emergence of 
Fascist and Neo-Nazi parties in Europe.

While the working class the world over is reduced to grinding poverty by 
the powers that be, those same powers are using all the ideological 
fire-power at their disposal to divide us and maintain their ascendency. 
In the US, the enduring myth of the "American Dream" is being touted by 
both Obama and the Republicans to try and convince Americans that they 
do not really live in a class-based society where 30,000 people own as 
much as the rest of the population put together. Obama claims that he 
has experienced a "rags to riches" story by becoming the first Black 
American president, and this is supposed to reinforce belief in the 
"Land of Opportunity" and the work ethic.
In the Muslim world, focusing the attention of the working class on the 
issue of blasphemy serves the same purpose. By creating an imaginary 
Umma, Muslim Community, defined by a common set of taboos and a common 
enemy in the form of a Youtube video, the elite can both focus the rage 
of the lower economic classes against an external enemy and internally 
reinforce the values of subservience and conformity to religious precepts.

So demonstrations for better living conditions are being sidelined by 
absurd demonstrations "to defend the Prophet's honour" in Jakarta, 
Tunis, Dhaka and Cairo. If the Prophet's honour is "restored" (through 
tougher blasphemy laws and increased persecution of non-Muslims), what 
will that accomplish for the 60% of the Muslim world who lives on less 
than $2 a day ? It will only allow the ruling elite to cast itself as 
the defenders of the Faith and further limit the Working Class's ability 
to mobilize.

The protests against "Innocence of Muslims" are not only misguided, they 
are positively fascist and reactionary. Fascist because they are used by 
far-right Islamic intellectuals to give a common purpose to unemployed 
day labourers and university students from the middle-class in an effort 
to transcend class in favour of a common religious identity.

There is nothing more dangerous for the cause of liberty and equality 
than trying to impose blasphemy laws. The current focus of Muslim 
leaders on getting the UN to make blasphemy an internationally 
recognized crime is extremely worrying in this regard.

Know your enemy !

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