[Marxism] Which prophets really existed ?

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Sat Sep 22 13:34:36 MDT 2012

On Sep 22, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Joseph Catron wrote:
> Anyway, there's no telling what percentage of ancient Hebrews became  
> modern
> Jews, but it would, in any event, be very small and drawn entirely  
> from one
> subset: the Judeans.

Perhaps not entirely.  In the eighth century bce the Assyrian ruler  
Sargon II deported the population of Israel "beyond the mountains of  
darkness," ie., the southern Caucasus.  The is the area from which  
developed the greatest of all Jewish states, that of Khazaria.  When  
Mongol invasions drove the Khazars westward their kingdom disappeared  
but they did not.  In the Bible the area to which the Israelites were  
deported was known as "Ashkenaz" (Genesis 10:3, I Chronicles 1:6,  
Jeremiah 51:27), and in the 10th century ce the leader of Mesopotamian  
Jewry, Saadiah Gaon, described the Khazars as Ashkenazim.  The  
population of Khazaria was mixed and nobody knows what proportion  
descended primarily from Israelite exiles and what from a native  
Turkic population--in any event there had to be very much  
intermarriage over 2 millennia.  Since the majority of Jews today are  
Ashkenazim,  the Israelite component is probably much larger than the  
Judaean one.

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