[Marxism] Which prophets really existed ?

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> You forget the driest of jokes, and what Nietzsche called "the only saying
> that has any value" in the New Testament: "Quid est veritas?"

What is truth, asked jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer. 
Not that I usually think much of Bacon (as distinct from lower-case
bacon, which I love). 

Pilate gets a lot of good lines, actually. There's one point when 
he asks, in effect, Do I look Jewish to you?! But the best, which I 
really think ought to be the motto of all writers, occurs when the 
temple authorities come to him and suggest a revision in the sign 
affixed to Jesus' cross. Pilate responds -- it's even pithier in Greek:
 Ὃ γέγραφα γέγραφα! -- What I have written, I have written. 


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See nothing, say something. 

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