[Marxism] Which prophets really existed ?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 12:19:35 MDT 2012

First: The whole thing is politically irrelevant as it has zero
meaning as to the rights of self-determination for Palestinians.
Genetics do not a "people make". In fact it's of zero interest, as
nationality, to the degree it's more than a set of borders and a
postage stamp, means common cultural and linguistic
self-identification and not the double-helix of DNA. Having said

This is ALL solvable by genetics now. Guess what? There are relations
between *most* Jews in the general Sephardi and Ashkenazi genetic
lines and little if any between Ashkenazi and Khazris. Oh well. The
whole thing is politically irrelevant as it has zero meaning
politically. I've never bought the Koestler argument on this. I have
believed, and continue to, that there is a relationship between SOME
Ashkenazi and Kharzis but that it is so diffuse genetically,
linguistically and culturally to be irrelevant as the "origin of

The motive force behind trying to prove one truth vs another truth in
this ridiculous debate is establish or debunk the legitimacy of
Zionist claims of 'one people' and other nonsense. It's dumb and
stupid, quite honestly, given the development of nationalities over
the millennia. Does all of humanity then claim Ethiopia as "our
homeland"  because the mitochondrial Eve originated there? It is like
the growth of Holocaust denialism by wings of the Palestinian national
movement as if the legitimacy or not of the facts of the Holocaust
somehow justify or condemn the Zionist entity's right to exist. People
who challenge the fact of millions of dead Jews at Nazi hands only
*buy into* the Zionist method of victimology. Such groups thus have to
agree *a priori* that if the Holocaust did happen that it somehow
legitimizes the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland. The
holocaust deniers and the Zionists are then complicit in method. Damn
both of them, then.

Entitled "Analysis of Jewish genomes refutes the Khazar claim" here is
the link to the blog, with links within it to pertinent data. It's a
right-wing pro-Zionist blog


There are other genetic reports too that should be read and reported
on...not that it's all politically relevant.


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