[Marxism] Time Has Been Kind to ‘Heaven’s Gate’

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 12:57:37 MDT 2012

I'm glad to see this.  The movie has always been one of my favorites.
For a while, I'd watch it like the "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

It's main offense was not its length but its truthfulness.

Aside from the tinkering with individual characters--the real Cattle
Kate and Averill were killed before the Johnson County War, the
biggest historical criticism would be the absence of any politics.
The kind of brutal repression dramatized in the movie always has
reprecussions.  The insurgents and their neighbors provided one of the
most important centers for the People's Party--the Populists--that the
western business interests faced.  In fact, Populism was an essential
subtext of the decision of the Stock Growers' Assocaition to clearn
out Johnson County.

Too bad, corporate media and its allies have been so successful in
maligning "populism," even among radicals.


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