[Marxism] Can black people be racist?

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 27 13:21:35 MDT 2012

John Passant wrote :

 >>"The idea that black and Asian people can be racist towards white 
people is wrong. It confuses a reaction to a racist society with racism 

I spent seven years in the Carribean region and I'm sorry to say that I 
met Asian people who hated Black people, Black people who hated Asian 
people, Dominicans who hated Haitians, Brazilians who hated Dominicans, 
Guyanese who hated Brazilians, etc.

Certain members of each group hated the next because they feared the 
demographic pressure of their neighbours or because the economic and 
social dynamics meant certain ethnic groups were gradually taking over 
important commercial sectors.

Impoverished Haitians were emigrating en masse and taking construction 
work away from the denizens of other nations. Chinese were buying up all 
the retail outlets and making life harder for small Black shop-owners 
through ultra-competitive pricing backed by unpaid labour. Dominican 
women were seen as prostitutes and gold-diggers... And in the 
background, the legacy of Colonialism meant that each group had in mind 
a social model founded on the ascendency of one group over all the 
others, as was the case with the Whites under European rule. So despite 
claiming to be melting-pots of every conceivable ethnicity, each nation 
was alarmed at the prospect that one particular ethnic group was 
becoming (or had become) "the new masters".

What I learnt from my stay in the region is that racism is a product of 
the particular way in which an aspiring middle-class, in each country, 
is trying to differentiate itself from the poorest labourers on the one 
hand and on the other trying to send its offspring to "good schools" so 
as to maintain (or improve) its representation in the ranks of the 
administrative and commercial elite.

This does not address the question of whether Black people can be racist 
against White people. My answer would be : it depends on the social 
class to which the Black people in question belong. The overwhelming 
majority of Black people suffer from discrimination by being excluded 
from the "Core" of Capitalism and forced to perform menial tasks. 
Moreover, there is a strong racist bias that continuously prevents Black 
people from benefiting from the same opportunities as their neighbours.

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