[Marxism] Vintage Matt Taibbi

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 27 17:05:59 MDT 2012

Romney is an almost perfect amalgam of all the great out-of-touch 
douchebags of our national cinema: he's Gregg Marmalaard from Animal 
House mixed with Billy Zane's sneering, tux-wearing Cal character in 
Titanic to pussy-ass Prince Humperdinck to Roy Stalin to Gordon Gekko 
(he's literally Gordon Gekko). He's everything we've been trained to 
despise, the guy who had everything handed to him, doesn't fight his own 
battles and insists there's only room in the lifeboat for himself – and 
yet the Democrats, for some reason, have had terrible trouble beating 
him in a popularity contest.

The fact that Barack Obama needed a Himalayan mountain range of cash and 
some rather extreme last-minute incompetence on Romney's part to pull 
safely ahead in this race is what really speaks to the brokenness of 
this system. Bruni of the Times is right that the process scares away 
qualified candidates who could have given Obama a better run for all 
that money. But what he misses is that the brutal campaign process, with 
its two years of nearly constant media abuse and "gotcha" watch-dogging, 
serves mainly to select out any candidate who is considered anything 
like a threat to the corrupt political establishment – and that 
selection process is the only thing that has kept this race close.


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