[Marxism] Sam Harris, uncovered

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Thu Sep 27 22:54:33 MDT 2012


I really enjoyed that piece - not that I ever had much time for Harris.
These 'new athiests' are a strange crowd - Islamophobic or not - I never
understood was being labelled an athiest was such an intellectual badge of
honour (seems more like commonsense) and to take that as a weapon in a
hopelessly simplistic fight against religion - and believers in general -
even moreso. I like the addition of 'social justice' to atheism but calling
that Marxism is a bit like adding social justice to theism and calling it
Christianity (rather than liberation theology.

I wonder about defining oneself by what one doesn't believe too - and
enjoyed Jim' F's discussion of new athiests and new humanists. I think more
needs to be made of the latter (and I don't see any contradiction between
athiesm and humanism) especially as humanism has such a bad name both as a
Eurocentric project and with the rise of postmodern anti-humanism as
academic orthodoxy. Its interesting that David Macey wrote a bio of
Foucault - in which his anti-humanism is discussed at length but when Macey
wrote on Fanon - his revolutionary humanism (surely as important in his
work as Foucault's anti-humanism) doesn't rate a mention.

Here are some of my favourites from a range of sources on the question of

Athiesm is not enough <http://www.stateofnature.org/atheismIsNotEnough.html>by
Paula Cerni
Getting Religion Wrong
Michael Steinberg
Test Tube Truths
<http://www.kenanmalik.com/reviews/harris_moral.html>(another review
of Harris' book by Kenan Malik)
Waeponisation of
Jeff Sparrow in Counterpunch.

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